ECW – Collodion Plates

On May 4th and 5th, I took  part in the European Collodion Week-end, organized by Alex Timmermans near Eindhoven, The Netherlands. We were 40 Collodion Wet Plate Photographers from all over Europe (and one from the U.S.!) together with our antique cameras, darkrooms and great deal of chemicals and material, with the aim of showing this photographic process dating of  mid XIX century to the  visitors who came attracted by the « out of time » vision.

I spent much of my time meeting the rest of participants, exchanging some good tips but also could make a couple of tintypes with Ayla and Malen, Julien Pironin and Jacqueline Roberts’s daughters, respectively. I varnished them thanks to Sergey Sergev’s advice.

2013.05.04 ayla

Ayla and doll, 18×24 cm tintype –  © Ana Tornel

2013.05.04 Ayla et Malen

Ayla & Malen,  18×24 cm tintype –  © Ana Tornel

Alex Timmermans recorded this moment on this wonderful collodion wet plate 30×40 cm (exposure time 6 sec – f22) :



ECW and World Wet Plate Day – May 4th, 2013


On May the 4th and 5th, coinciding with the 5th World Wet Plate Day, the European Collodion Weekend will be held this year near Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Over 40 collodion wet plate photographers from all over the world will be showing their skills, creativity and passion. They all practice the Wet Plate Collodion, a historical photographic process roughly described from June 1850 by Gustave Le Gray in France and  one year later in England by Fredrick Scott Archer, with full details.

Antique wooden cameras and 150 years old lenses as well as modern 35 mm and up to 50×50 cm glass plates will be used during the venue.

World renowned collodion artists as Alexey Alexeev (Russia), Gerald Figal (USA), Fabrice Péjout and Basile Dubroeucq (France), Arjan Went and Manon Navarro (Holland), Borut Peterlin (Slovenia), Alex Timmermans (organizer of this event) and many others will be present.

Should you are interested in this wonderful ancient photographic process and its craftsmen,
do not hesitate and come along and visit us. Free admittance!

The location:
Camping ‘De Volmolen’
Volmolen 1
5561 VH Riethoven
The Netherlands
Further information:
Alex Timmermans